Guten Appetit! Severando-Store demnächst im Scanner

Mit großer Freude können wir ankündigen, dass in Kürze der Severando-Store in den Scanner integriert wird und es damit noch einfacher wird, sich als blauer Abschaum durchfüttern zu lassen.
Dort kann man dann komfortabel und schnell alles bestellen, was das Herz begehrt und dann in Ruhe darauf warten, dass es vielleicht eventuell möglicherweise (aber wahrscheinlich dann doch nie) geliefert wird. Die Essensitems werden wie andere Ingress-Items auch gestaffelt sein nach Auslieferungswahrscheinlichkeit. Store im Scanne Store im Scanne

TUEGlyphs uncovered

A new set of glyph sequences, named TUEGlyphs, have recently been discovered by an agent whose name shall not be spoken. They first emerged when the Shaper Hulk came to the ancient city of Tübingen in an attempt to punish all blue scum.

These powerful glyphs are believed to be only valid in the vicinity of the portal Rad & Tat in Tübingen. Drawing these new glyphs at a location further away from this portal will turn the glyphing agent into a cucumber-shaped football fan who will have to take a train to a place where chatting pets live. It will also void their rights to pizza delivery for the rest of their then meaningless days.

Some of the glyphs are of unclear and mysterious german origin, therefore a partial translation is available to agents with command of the german language. Agents, you must proceed with extreme caution. Do not draw these glyphs lightly. Always keep this cheat (!!!) sheet on you, lest you forget the sometimes extraordinarily long sequences.

TUEglyphs original
TUEglyphs partial translation
tueglyphs partial translation